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The Thing About Beautiful

Something about beauty makes me want to behold it. Capture it. Own it. Be in it, be with it.

There's beauty that we see and then there's beauty that we feel.

The sunset; everyday, every time the sky is a brand new canvas with an array of colors spread out unlike yesterday. The sight of it stirs a feeling of awe and wonder within me and I want to capture it.

It prompts me to action, inspires me to recreate the experience. Makes me want to share my experience and use it as a channel to connect.

It just does not help to leave something I find beautiful and move on. I want to make it a part of me. Belong to it or own it in some way. A part of me wants to externalize it and internalize it. Or make it eternal. But time passes and the moment ends.

That is why we want to take pictures of it. Make a copy; save it.

Beauty contains attraction. Attraction entails connection. Beauty is our means to connect. To connect with the universe and to connect with each other.

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